Question NW3734 to the Minister of Basic Education

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18 December 2015 - NW3734

Profile picture: Figg, Mr MJ

Figg, Mr MJ to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)With reference to her reply to question 3440 on 1 October 2015, how many newly built schools were delivered in the Eastern Cape in the 2014-15 financial year; (2) (a) what is each specified school’s (i) name and (ii) location, (b) when was each specified school completed, (c) when did teaching commence at each specified school and (d) through which (i) programme or (ii) implementing agent was each specified school financed?


  1. A total of 90 schools were completed and delivered in the Eastern Cape during the 2014/15 financial year, with 35 under the ASIDI Programme and 55 under the Provincial Equitable Share and Education Infrastructure Grant Programme. Information is still awaited from the Eastern Cape Department of Education to confirm the number of newly built schools from the 55 that were completed.b
  2. The response to Questions 2 (a) (i), 2 (a) (ii); 2(b), 2(d) (i) and 2(d) (ii) is provided on the attached spreadsheet.

The response to Question 2(c) is that the construction activities do not interrupt teaching activities. Teaching continues as the construction activities take place with access to construction sites being barred off from access by school children, thereby responding to Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Where the existing school structures need to be demolished and replaced with new ones, temporary structures are provided, thus further ensuring that teaching continues.