Question NW2507 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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20 September 2022 - NW2507

Profile picture: Maseko-Jele, Ms NH

Maseko-Jele, Ms NH to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

What (a) has he found to be the impact of the many arrests that have been taking place recently, particularly of the illegal informal miners called zamazamas, on the Republic’s correctional centres and (b) steps is his Department taking to cope with the situation?


a) The table below provides a contrast of Remand Detainee populations at the various Correctional Centres before the admission of illegal minors and after admission. The arrested persons are detained at Heidelberg, Krugersdorp and Modderbee Correctional Centres.

Name of correctional centre

Number of remand detainees (18 July 2022)

Number of remand detainees (25 August 2022)

Percentage increase













b) Measures in place focused on strategies to reduce overcrowding as follows:

  • Monthly Management Area Overcrowding Task Team meetings are held to distribute offenders between centers to alleviate overcrowding;
  • A Regional transfer plan is implemented by transferring sentenced offenders to reduce overcrowding. Remand detainees cannot be transferred due to eminent court appearances;
  • Implementation of section 63A of the Bail Protocol which makes provision for Heads of the Centre to lodge an application with the clerk of the court for review of bail for certain categories of remand detainees. Referrals to court are also done in line with section 49G of the Bail Protocol which also includes submission of details of remand detainees who have been in detention for longer than three months;
  • The Department as participates in Case Flow and SAPS District Joint meetings during which overcrowding and more specifically arrests, prosecution, sentencing, detention, release and deportation of foreign nationals are discussed.


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