Question NW3024 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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16 September 2022 - NW3024

Profile picture: Buthelezi, Mr EM

Buthelezi, Mr EM to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

Following reports that the SA Airways (SAA) could be in contravention of the Air Services Licensing Act, Act 115 of 1990, in relation to the Takatso deal, (a) What steps are being taken by SAA to: (i) meet the council’s demands and (ii) provide transparency on the matter (b) On what date is it envisaged that the specified council would have all its demands met?


According to the information received from SAA

a) (i) & (ii)

The matters raised in the letter by Air Service Licensing Council (ASLC) are being addressed by SAA and will be provided to the ASLC within or before the 90-day period as prescribed.

Some of the issues are administrative in nature, relating to SAA’s interaction with the Air Service Licensing Council (ASLC), the submission of financial statements and internal staff movements. With regards to the Takatso deal, this is being negotiated by Government, as the shareholder.

The questions raised in the letter do not impact on SAA’s current and future operations as well as the quality of the services provided by SAA. To that end, both local and regional services are continuing uninterrupted.

b) SAA has set itself an internal deadline of less than 60 days to respond from the date of the letter from ASLC.


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