Question NW2184 to the Minister in the Presidency

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01 July 2022 - NW2184

Profile picture: Bodlani, Ms T

Bodlani, Ms T to ask the Minister in the Presidency

(1) Noting that the Government Communications Information System (GCIS) publishes the Vuk’uzenzele newspaper which is distributed digitally and physically countrywide and is the only national publication that is focused on the key priorities of the Government, with an emphasis on service delivery programmes and the opportunities created by the Government, what systems does GCIS have in place in order to measure the impact of the specified publication?


GCIS conducts impact assessment of GCIS products/publications through primary research using independent service providers under the management of the GCIS research unit. In terms of Vuk'uzenzele, impact studies are undertaken using both quantitative and qualitative research on the print and digital versions. The research is conducted to assess awareness, required content detail and relevance. The research also informs changes to format, content or platform where necessary. The research is conducted with the main focus on primary target audience being the Rooted Realists (mostly located in rural areas) as per Government Segmentation Model developed by GCIS, however does not exclude other population segments.

GCIS continually assess the impact through qualitative research where we have found that the readers appreciate the newspaper immensely, find the information useful and tend to keep the paper for future reference. Our quantitative research demonstrates that we require more resources to reach the entire segment (Rooted Realist).

Thank You.