Question NW2260 to the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

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22 June 2022 - NW2260

Profile picture: Faber, Mr WF

Faber, Mr WF to ask the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

Given that it was revealed in the AfriForum court case against the Government that the grand total of the donation to the Republic of Cuba was actually to be R350 million and not just R50 million, and noting that this was revealed after the civil rights organisation’s legal team requested the court record as part of its review application, and taking into account that, according to the record, the Government has agreed to a contract with the government of the Republic of Cuba, in terms of which the R50 million will only be the first payment in the more than a quarter billion rand donation, what (a) are the reasons that this information was withheld from Parliament and the public and (b) is the total number of other (i) deals and (ii) donations that are in the pipeline with the Republic of Cuba that are being withheld from Parliament and the public?


With regard to a reply to question 2260 on 24 May 2022, it can be stated that there is no link between what is currently before the courts, namely the donation of humanitarian aid by the South African Government to the amount of R50 million to the Republic of Cuba, and the Agreement that was signed in 2012 to make available an Economic Assistance Package (EAP) of R350 million to the Republic Cuba that consisted of grants and a loan facility, to be repaid, with interest, by Cuba.

a) The information regarding the Economic Assistance Package of R 350 million was shared with Parliament in response to Parliamentary Question 1665 from the Leader of the Opposition (DA) about Government expenditure on Cuba since 15 February 2018. Updates on the implementation of the Economic Assistance Package were also provided to the Parlaimantary Portfolio Committee on International Relations an Cooperation.

b) (i) All relevant information about the R 350 million EAP and R 50 Million humanatrian assistance have been disclosed to Parliament.

(ii) No information regarding donations to the Republic of Cuba has been withheld from Parliament and the public



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