Question NW2152 to the Minister in the Presidency

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14 June 2022 - NW2152

Profile picture: Dikgale, Ms MC

Dikgale, Ms MC to ask the Minister in the Presidency

With regard to the alleged corruption in the State Security Agency, what (a) has the forensic investigation unearthed and (b) measures have been put in place to deal with the specified findings?


a) Ligwa Advisory Services was contracted on 1 November 2021 to conduct forensic investigations into the SSA. The forensic investigators utilised the period between November 2021 and February 2022 to undergo induction, and to set up infrastructure required to commence investigations and to collect information. The forensic investigation officially commenced in March 2022, with 26 cases currently being examined. The first reports are expected in mid-June 2022.

b) The SSA directorate responsible for the enforcement of discipline is ready to conduct disciplinary hearings against any member implicated by the forensic investigations. The SSA is closely working with the Investigating Directorate (ID), National Prosecuting Authority, and other law enforcement agencies and on receipt of the forensic reports, will immediately refer all illegal activities uncovered to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

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