Question NW1835 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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15 June 2022 - NW1835

Profile picture: Msane, Ms TP

Msane, Ms TP to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

By what date will his department (a) fix the boreholes in Ward 23 and 27 in Giyani and/or (b) assist the Greater Giyani Local Municipality to ensure that people living in the specified wards have access to water?


a) The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) together with the Mopani District Municipality are in the process of implementing a number of interventions to ensure that communities living in the Greater Giyani Local Municipality have access to water. The projects entail refurbishment of Giyani water treatment works required to treat surface water from the Nsami Dam and to convey adequate and sustainable potable water to Giyani Town and the surrounding 55 villages. The projects progress is as follows





Giyani water services – reticulation

Funded by the Mopani District Municipality (MDM)

  • Refurbishment/construction of service reservoirs in 55 villages
  • Refurbishment/construction of reticulation in 55 villages around Giyani
  • Installation of metered yard connections for revenue enhancement & demand management

0% it is at planning state


Giyani water treatment works refurbishment

Funded by MDM

  • Minor refurbishment of the operational 30Ml/d WTW components
  • Major refurbishment of non-operational 6,5Ml/d WTW components

0% it is at planning state

September 2023

Giyani water services – bulk distribution

Funded by DWS

  • Construction of eight (8) bulk pipelines to provide water to 55 villages (325 km)
  • Repairs and refurbishments of existing water and sanitation infrastructure


December 2022

Nandoni to Nsami pipeline

Funded by DWS

  • Construction of 49km raw water pipeline to Giyani


September 2023

The MDM has 346 newly drilled boreholes that require electrification. Applications for electrification of boreholes have been submitted to ESKOM. The district municipality indicated that electrical installations will be done in batches of 25 boreholes due to budget constraints.

Bulk water from the Nondweni water treatment works is reaching all the villages. The Mopani District Municipality is also constructing a booster pump station to ensure that water reaches the furthest point especially the Mayephu area. The booster pump station is 80% complete.


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