Question NW4191 to the Minister of Health

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08 December 2015 - NW4191

Profile picture: Volmink, Mr HC

Volmink, Mr HC to ask the Minister of Health

(1)What is the progress of the blood test (details furnished) of the deceased citizen with the body reference number BR274 2015 (details furnished) being processed by the Forensic Chemistry Laboratory in Johannesburg; (2) (a) why has there been a delay in processing the specified blood test and (b) when will the results be made available to the family, who require the results urgently?


  1. Analysis of this blood sample has been completed. For the record, the correct reference numbers are: Brits CAS 489/07/2015 and Brits mortuary DR 274/2015 and seal number PMK 206017/8.
  2. (a) The Johannesburg Forensic Chemistry Laboratory (FCL) has an ante-mortem blood alcohol analysis backlog. The post-mortem blood alcohol, backlog has been wiped out.

(b) The FCL’s do not provide reports to family, only to the client, which in this instance is the Brits mortuary. .


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