Question NW1633 to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

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20 May 2022 - NW1633

Profile picture: Cuthbert, Mr MJ

Cuthbert, Mr MJ to ask the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

(1)What (a) number of officials in his department (i) are currently subjected to disciplinary action, (ii) have been suspended, (b) is the job title of each specified official, (c) are the reasons for disciplinary action and/or suspensions being instituted against each official and (d) are the reasons that none of the aforementioned cases have been finalised; (2) for how long have the specified officials been suspended; (3) whether the specified persons have been receiving a salary; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what is the total Rand value of the salaries paid to the specified officials? [NW1959E]


I am advised by the Department as follows:

(1) There are 3 (three) officials who are undergoing disciplinary action and 1 (one) official who was suspended.



Disciplinary action




Job Title


Reason for disciplinary action and/or suspension


Reasons for non-finalisation




Deputy Director

Failure to fully disclose financial interest

The audi alteram partem letter was issued and the official’s representation is pending.




Chief Director

Alleged fraud

The notice still to be served. The identified witnesses were not cooperating to prepare for the hearing. The Department of Agriculture is being requested to release the witnesses.





Incompatibility/ Insubordination

The matter was postponed by the Chairperson and could not be set down expeditiously until the Promotion of Access to Information Act application was finalised. The appointed external Chairperson could not continue with the matter and a new Chairperson had to be appointed. The matter is scheduled for 25 and 26 May 2022.




Cashier: Financial Accounting

Alleged fraud

The matter is under investigation. However, the official resigned on 4 March 2022, with his last working day on
31 March 2022. The new employer was informed and the outcome is pending the findings.

2. The official was suspended for four (4) working days with effect from 25 March 2022, he resigned on 4 March 2022 and his last day with the Department was 31 March 2022.

2. Yes, the official was suspended with full pay and received R3,712.51 as part of his monthly remuneration during the period of his suspension.


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