Question NW1498 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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20 May 2022 - NW1498

Profile picture: Van Dyk, Ms V

Van Dyk, Ms V to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

(1) (a) What process led to the appointment of a certain person (name furnished) as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of the Pooling and Sharing Joint Venture (PSJV), (b) how long will the specified person be in this position and (c) what are the reasons that a certain other person (name furnished) has been removed from his duties at the PSJV? (2) Whether the specified person who has been removed from the performance of his duties will continue to receive a salary; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, how much? NW1743E


According to the information received from Alexkor

1. (a) Ms Leilani Swartbooi was never appointed as CEO or Acting CEO of the PSJV.

(b) Ms Swartbooi was appointed to act in the position of Mr Bowers, the General Mine Manager, for the period 8 February 2022 to 14 February 2022 while Mr Bowers was on leave.

(c) Mr Bowers is still the General Mine Manager of the PSJV. He was never removed from this position.

(2) Mr Bowers has not been removed from the performance of his duties and there has been no change to his remuneration package.

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