Question NW619 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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19 April 2022 - NW619

Profile picture: Mohlala, Ms MR

Mohlala, Ms MR to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

What is the reason that there is no water for residents in Giyani in Limpopo, despite the R3 billion that his department spent on the water project?


The Department initiated the Giyani Water Services intervention in August 2014 with the intention to address water services challenges experienced by the communities in Giyani. The project was initiated as a Ministerial directive to Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) for immediate intervention in Mopani District Municipality (DM) to address water challenges. LNW conducted assessment of water services infrastructure in Giyani and initiated the following interventions:

  • Refurbishment of existing water and sanitation infrastructure, including pump stations, repairs of leaking pipes and reservoirs, borehole development and installation of package plant for immediate supply to social facilities (Nkhensani Hospital)
  • Construction of 1.5 Ml/d Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) to augment existing Giyani WWTW
  • Revitalization of 154 boreholes to augment water supply in 55 villages around Giyani
  • Replacement of about 325 km of inefficient bulk pipelines that supply water to 55 villages around Giyani


In 2019, LNW terminated contracts with Professional Service and the Turnkey service provider for Giyani Water services. At that stage, progress on the pipeline was reported to be 50% complete by LNW but was later verified by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to be 35%. Similarly, the additional works were reported to be 92% complete, but subsequent investigations by the DWS indicated that the project progress was 48%.


The DWS is intervening to ensure completion of the project and ensure that the residents have access to potable water. The following is being done to fast track the project:

  • The Nandoni-Nsami pipeline is being constructed by a contactor with a new PSP as the Engineer to transfer raw water from the Nandoni Dam to the Nsami WTW and progress is at 38% complete
  • The additional works are being completed by the DWS Construction unit with the new PSP as Engineer with assistance from LNW for procurement of materials
  • The Nandoni to Nsami pipeline will be a raw water pipeline which will join the existing canal
  • The supply to the Malamulele area will be potable water supplied via the Mavambe pipeline
  • Refurbishment of the existing Nsami Water Treatment Works at the Nsami dam to operate at design capacity to increase water supply to Giyani villages
  • Villages in Giyani will be further served by water from Nwamwitwa Dam when it comes online
  • The Mopani DM will be assisted to take advantage of unspent Water Services Infrastructure Grant allocations to extend reticulation in the villages and synchronize with completed sections of the pipeline


The DWS will has deployed an experienced Engineer in the capacity of a Chief Director to provide effective project management support to LNW and assist in the decision making on the project. An escalation route for unresolved challenges has been established to the Director General and the Minister to intervene.

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