Question NW2397 to the Minister of Health

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18 November 2021 - NW2397

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Ismail, Ms H to ask the Minister of Health

(1)What are the minimum requirements and/or competencies for senior management positions in public hospitals; (2) with reference to senior managers employed at each Gauteng public hospital, what (a) are their (i) names and (ii) current qualifications, (b) is the total number of managers who are currently not meeting the minimum requirements and (c) is being done to address the requirement mismatch?


(1) The minimum requirements/competencies for senior management in the Public Hospital are as prescribed by the DPSA directive on minimum entry requirements for Senior Management Service (SMS).

Minimum Qualifications for entry into SMS positions

For a Director and Chief Director - an undergraduate qualification (NQF Level 7) as recognized by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in Public Health/Management.

For Deputy Director-General and Head of Department – an undergraduate qualification and a post graduate qualification (NQF Level 8) as recognized by SAQA.

Minimum Years of Experience as an Entry Requirement into the SMS

SMS Level

Relevant Experience (wef 01 April 2015)

Entry (Level 13)

5 years of experience at a middle/senior management level

Level 14

5 years of experience at a senior management level

Level 15

8-10 years of experience at a senior management level

Level 16

8-10 years of experience at senior management level (at least 3 years of which must be with any organ of State as defined in the Constitution, Act 108 of 1996)

Pre-Entry Certificate into the SMS

A further requirement for appointment at SMS level is a successful completion of the Senior Management Pre-Entry Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government.


Strategic Capability and Leadership; People Management and Empowerment; Programme and Project Management; Financial Management; Change Management; Knowledge Management; Service Delivery Innovation; Problem Solving and Analysis; Client Orientation and Customer Care; Communication; Sound Knowledge of the Relevant Legislation such as National Health Act, Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), Public Service Act.

(2) (a) (i) See the attached list (Annexure A)

(ii) Kindly see the attached list (Annexure A)

(b) None

(c) Not Applicable


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