Question NW2321 to the Minister in The Presidency for Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

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16 November 2021 - NW2321

Profile picture: Masango, Ms B

Masango, Ms B to ask the Minister in The Presidency for Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

Whether all the provinces have communicated a plan to address gender-based violence and femicide (GBV) in line with the Gender-based Violence and Femicide National Strategic Plan (GBVF-NSP); if not, (a) why not and (b) what measures are being taken to ensure that such plans are developed by provinces that have not yet done so; if so, which provinces have communicated a plan in line with the GBVF-NSP?


  1. There are seven provinces which have finalized their implementation plans. These are Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, North West and Limpopo.

Two (2) Provinces i.e., Mpumalanga and Free State have not finalized plans for implementation of the NSP on GBVF. The two provinces have started working on their implementation plans but have not yet completed the process. The process has been very intensive requiring provinces to adequately customize the NSP on GBVF.

  1. The department has been engaging provinces through information sessions to assist and fast-track the processes. The provinces have also wanted to align their plans to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework that the department has developed and is currently embarking on a nation-wide multisectoral capacity building.

This process will help the remaining provinces I! ?.!ize their plans while the other four provinces will have to align where appropriate as part of standardizing the national

response to GBVF. In provinces that currently do not have aligned provincial GBVF plans, the department continuously organizes information sessions to localize NSP on GBVF and supports the establishment of Rapid Response Teams (RRTs).

The current provincial public participation sessions on the NCGBVF Bill are also an entry point to resuscitate the prioritization of GBVF activities into plans. The department in the first quarter (Q1) and second quarter (Q2) of 2021/21 financial year (FY) held provincial NSP on GBVF Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Framework, technical indicator descriptors and reporting tools virtual consultative sessions to ensure each province is fully aware of their allocated M&E indicators and can report on their set NSP on GBVF targets.

The department in Quarter 4 of the financial year 2021/22, will conduct workshops for provinces on capacity building to harness the institutionalization and also mainly provide the much needed support to ensure coherent and integrated implementation of the NSP on GBVF.

Approved by:

Ms M Nkoana-Mashabane, MP Minister

Date: 29/10/2021