Question NW2206 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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07 October 2021 - NW2206

Profile picture: Clarke, Ms M

Clarke, Ms M to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

Whether he has been notified of any land claims against the SA Forestry Company SOC Limited; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what (i) total number of land claims, (ii) is the status of each specified land claim and (iii)(aa) total number of claims have been settled and (bb) is hampering the settling of the land claims, (b) has any title deeds been handed over to the local folk in terms of the process and (c) how has the land claims been dealt with to date?


According to the information received from Safcol

a) (i) Total number of land claims: 46 (1X KZN, 24X Limpopo, 21X Mpumalanga)

(ii) Status of each specified land claim: Status of each claim indicated in Annexure A.

(iii) (aa) Total number of land claims that have been settled: 4 settled.

(bb) Challenges hampering the settling of land claims: finalization of claims by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. Signoff of title deeds handover by respective departments.

b) Title deeds handed over: 1 Mpumalanga CPA

c) How land claims are dealt with by SAFCOL to date:

(i) Engage land claimants proactively in terms of SAFCOLs Proactive Community Engagement Model (before settlement of land claim) to establish commercial partnerships in the value chain:

Value Chain Position



Utilising SAFCOLs final products

In the value chain

Directly related to SAFCOL

Related activities

Conservation, tourism, unplanned areas, agro-forestry


Before entering SAFCOLs value chain