Question NW2216 to the Minister of Transport

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30 September 2021 - NW2216

Profile picture: Lees, Mr RA

Lees, Mr RA to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether the SA Civil Aviation Authority aircraft that crashed on 23 January 2020 has been replaced; if not, (a) why not and (b) on what date will it be replaced; if so, what are the details of the replacement aircraft including but not exclusively the (i) make of aircraft, (ii) aircraft specifications, (iii) cost of the aircraft, (iv) age of the aircraft and (v) date of acquisition?


The SACAA aircraft that crashed on 23 January 2020 has not been replaced to date (a) Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, SACAA’s financial position has been negatively affected. With its current financial position, SACAA cannot afford a replacement aircraft. In the interim the SACAA has appointed an external service provider to conduct calibration (b) SACAA is considering replacing the aircraft at the end of the next financial year (2022/23) or beginning of 2023/24 financial year, subject to the availability of funds; (i) SACAA is looking for an aircraft that will be able to withstand the low flying required when calibration is conducted; (ii) the specifications of the aircraft are contained in a document that was publicly advertised as part of the tender processes. The document is too bulky to be included in this response. However, a copy thereof can be provided to the honourable Member, if so required; (iii) the estimated cost of acquiring the required aircraft ranges between $6.5 million - $8 million excluding VAT and any other taxes that might be payable; (iv) the SACAA intends to buy an aircraft that will be able to carry out the required work, whether it is new, or a new second hand will be determined by what the organisation can afford at the point of acquisition; (v) estimated procurement date will be determined by the availability of funds and the financial position of the SACAA, and this will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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