Question NW2002 to the Minister of Tourism

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15 September 2021 - NW2002

Profile picture: Winkler, Ms HS

Winkler, Ms HS to ask the Minister of Tourism

(1)(a) What programmes, initiatives, streams and/or projects are available to community tourism organisations (CTOs) who would like to apply for funding at a national, provincial and local level, (b) how do CTOs apply for the specified funding opportunities and (c) on what date will the funding be made available; (2) whether all tourism (a) businesses and (b) service providers are required to register with their local CTO; if not, why not; if so, what (i) are the relevant details and (ii) legislation guides this requirement?


1. (a) The Department of Tourism does not have programmes, initiatives, streams and/or projects regarding Community Tourism Organisations. The Department’s point of entry to community organisations is through Provincial and Local government with due recognition of the concurrency of the tourism legislative mandate

(b)– (c) Not applicable

2. (a – b) Not applicable

(i)-(ii) The Department of Tourism does not have policy and/or legislative responsibilities regarding Community Tourism Organisations. However, the department has a responsibility to reach out to tourism stakeholders at all levels, and to maintain sound intergovernmental relations by working with and through provinces and local government where appropriate. The department acknowledges concurrent legislative competence and that local govenment is responsible for the development of local tourism including matters related to community tourism organisations.

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