Question NW319 to the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

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15 September 2021 - NW319

Profile picture: Mackenzie, Mr C

Mackenzie, Mr C to ask the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies

With reference to the pension of SA Post Office (SAPO) pensioner, Mr Carl Olivier, (details furnished) and the fraud committed on his account, (a) what steps have been taken to stop the fraudulent activity on Mr Olivier’s pension account, (b) what progress has been made in issuing Mr Olivier with a functional SA Social Security Agency card that will allow him to draw his pension, (c) by what date will this matter be resolved, (d) what number of other accounts have been fraudulently accessed in a manner similar to the specified person's account and (e) what steps are being taken by the SAPO to deal with the matter?


I have been advised by the SAPO as follows:

(a) On 11/07/2020 a fraudulent reissue card was performed (Card number 4213 xxxxxx100415) at Umzinto Post Office. The account was reimbursed on the 28/09/2020.

(b)(c) Another card was issued (4213xxxxx991290) on 18/11/2020 at Halfway Post Office which has an active status on the client’s profile.

(d) SAPO did not receive any new affidavit for any other disputed amounts.

Stats below refer:

(e) The modus operandi that criminal syndicates embark on from time to time changes continually. SAPO/POSTBANK have embarked on a process of cleansing its payment system and circumventing unauthorised access.

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