Question NW2012 to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

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10 September 2021 - NW2012

Profile picture: Macpherson, Mr DW

Macpherson, Mr DW to ask the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition

With reference to his reply to question 159 on 5 March 2021, (a) what are the reasons that he has not yet provided the requested information and (b) on what date will he provide the information?


I have been furnished with a reply to the question submitted, by Ms Thabang Mampane, Commissioner of the National Lotteries Commission.

Ms Mampane advises as follows:

“ (1)(a) Venalor NPC applied to the National Lotteries Commission in the 2018 and 2020 financial years in terms of section 2A (4) Lotteries Act No 57 of 1997 as amended (“the Act”) and the application was adjudicated by the ACNHDA in terms of section 26 of the Act and related regulations.

The first application for the 2017/18 financial year was for an amount of R4 672 180.00 and the second application was awarded in the 2019/20 financial year for an amount of R2 292 300.00.

The National Lotteries Commission funded Venalor NPC to host the annual awards ceremony that recognise the contribution of South African female artist in their respective genres and facilitate a platform in which up and coming aspiring artists can have access to a larger audience and to perform alongside established artists in the industry in line with the funding focus areas.

(b) The funding covered amongst others workshops, marketing and communications, women summit, mbokodo awards and other logistical matters such as transport, security.

(2) The NLC conducted a site visit with regards to the grant for the R4 672 180.00 to ascertain whether funds are being used according to the conditions stated on the Grant Agreement. The site visit reports found that the funded organisations utilised the funds in line with the conditions of the grant. Following submission of a satisfactory progress report, the project has been closed.

The NLC conducted a site visit with regards to the grant for the R2 292 300.00 to ascertain whether funds were utilised in accordance with conditions stated in the Grant Agreement. To date the funded organisation has submitted a satisfactory interim progress report for the first tranche that was paid. The NLC continues to enforce the Grant Agreement.”


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