Question NW1874 to the Deputy President

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10 September 2021 - NW1874

Profile picture: Malatsi, Mr MS

Malatsi, Mr MS to ask the Deputy President

With reference to his most recent trip to the Russian Federation to receive medical treatment, what are the details of the (a) transport he used to travel (i) to the Russian Federation in June 2021 and (ii) back to the Republic in August 2021, (b) number of person(s) who accompanied him on the trip, (c) accommodation (i) he and (ii) any person(s) who accompanied him used during the trip and (d) transport he and any person accompanying him used while in the Russian Federation on the trip?


In his oral reply to similar question posed by Mr Steenhuisen of the DA on 03 September 2021 in the National Assembly, President Ramaphosa outlined matters of principle with regard to the security and travel arrangements of the President and Deputy President.

The President said: Deputy President, is entitled to security wherever he is, including that of the President. This is not a personal choice. The Deputy President do not choose to be continuously shadowed by security people, but it is a requirement because it is taken that when the President, and the Deputy President are in positions that are in, they almost become state property, this is what comes with the job. Therefore, wherever the Deputy President and the President goes, they have to have security. They have security whether they are awake or asleep. The other issue is that whenever the President or the Deputy President goes, at any given time, their transportation is the responsibility of the government. When they fly it is the responsibility of the Air Force and as they travel on the ground it is the responsibility of the police, the Presidential Protection Unit. This is what comes with the job.

In this specific matter, the Deputy President flew commercial at his personal cost, and the supporting official was the Private Secretary. The Presidency was only responsible for costs that were incurred on behalf of the Private Secretary to the Deputy President in terms of flights, accommodation and S&T with the total budget allocation of R158, 542.54.


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