Question NW1911 to the Deputy President

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10 September 2021 - NW1911

Profile picture: Malatsi, Mr MS

Malatsi, Mr MS to ask the Deputy President

(1)With reference to his most recent trip to the Russian Federation to receive medical treatment, what are the details of the (a) total cost and (b) itemised breakdown of the specified total cost incurred by the Government in terms of (i) transportation, (ii) accommodation, (iii) medical treatment and (iv) any other related costs for (aa) him and (bb) any other person accompanying him on the trip; (2) whether he covered any of the costs related to the trip from his own pocket; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what are the relevant details?


As indicated under question 1874 from the same Honourable member, the Deputy President paid for his flight costs to and from the Russian Federation as well as medical expenses.

The breakdown for the costs incurred for the support staff are hereby attached as Annexure A.


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