Question NW1833 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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02 September 2021 - NW1833

Profile picture: Van Dyk, Ms V

Van Dyk, Ms V to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

What (a) is the total number of overseas trips that (i) each entity reporting to him and (ii) his department have taken in the past three years, (b) were the reasons for each trip, (c)(i) is the total number of persons that went on each trip and (ii) in what capacity and (d) was the cost of (i) road transport and (ii)(aa) first class and (bb) economy flights and (iii) accommodation?


(a). In the past three years my department undertook atotal of forty (40) overseas trips, i.e. 2018 - 19 trips, 2019, 18 trips and only 03 trips in 2020.

(b)-(d). See the attached report on the reasons and number of officials, accommodation roa and flight class used.

(a)(i). The number of overseas trips in the past three year undertaken by Entities reporting to me are:-

The attached spreadsheed contains details of Overseas travel by Public Entities.