Question NW1818 to the Minister of Transport

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30 August 2021 - NW1818

Profile picture: Sithole, Mr KP

Sithole, Mr KP to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether his department will (a) replace the current information technology systems and (b) increase human resources at driving licence testing centres in light of the grace period for renewal of expired vehicle licence discs and driving licences that ends on 31 August 2021 (details furnished); if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


a) The Department through its entity, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), working with the relevant provincial departments in all provinces will replace the Live Enrolment /Live Capture Units (LEUs/LCUs) with Smart Enrolment Units throughout the country. However, the project will first commence in Gauteng Province where the online booking system has been completed.

The RTMC is in the process of refreshing all end-user devices at the DLTCs throughout the country. This is multi-year programme scheduled for completion in March 2022. Additionally, the RTMC is deploying the Computerised Learner’s License Testing (CLLT) Solution at all DLTCs and will be completed by March 2024. The Corporation is also in the process of procuring the new core infrastructure to improve the stability and uptime of the system. This should be completed by end of February 2022.

(b) In all provinces affected by the backlog, working hours have been extended including operations on Saturdays. The RTMC is opening additional DLTCs with more staff working from 7 in the morning and ending at 9 at night for seven days a week. This initiative will increase the capacity in Gauteng by 30%. The initiative can be deployed nationally in consultation with the MECs concerned.

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