Question NW551 to the Minister of Social Development

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30 July 2021 - NW551

Profile picture: Abrahams, Ms ALA

Abrahams, Ms ALA to ask the Minister of Social Development

(a) What is the name of the communication agency that her department appointed to supplement the SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) on communication challenges, (b) through what process was the company appointed, (c) what are the terms of the appointment contract and (d) what are the cost implications to (i) the department and (ii) SASSA in this regard?


a) What is the name of the communication agency appointed?

  • Cut to Black Media is the awarded company for the Provision Of Communication and Marketing Services (Covid-19 And Related Communication And Marketing) For SASSA As Part Of The #KeepSouthAfricaHealthy Campaign.

b) Through what process was the company appointed?

SASSA took part in an existing contract of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS).

c) What are the terms of the appointment contract?

Contract Duration: Start November 2020 end June 2021

Cut to Black Media was awarded the contract to assist SASSA’s communications. This was done through a submission process on the back bone of GCIS Bid number 06-20-COM-HO.

  • Date of Letter of Award: 22 October 2020
  • Purchase Order Received: 2nd December 2020.
  • Contract Period of Award: 06 months (Linked to GCIS contract)

The Contracts Terms of Reference are:

  1. Communicate COVID-19 grant campaign messages
  2. Build stakeholder engagement, public trust, and advocacy through strategic communications.
  3. Create awareness, understanding, and support of Social Development Portfolio work
  4. Communicate correct SASSA and social grants information
  5. Rebut fake news and wrong information
  6. Strengthen SASSA public relations using regional, local and district levels of communication

Scope of Work as per Terms of Reference (condensed):

  1. To participate in GCIS panel of service providers for communications
  2. Utilise key integrated marking communications aspects to broadly support communication & marketing services on the campaign.
  3. Customised multimedia products should be developed for the purposes of SASSA brand activation through the following channels:
  4. Public relations with focus on COVID-19 SRD Grant
  5. Media Strategy and Direction
  6. Promotions
  7. Brand management: consistency and alignment of messages
  8. Stakeholder Engagement: engagement and collaboration during COVID-19
  9. Creative and Production Services
  10. Video and Photographic Services
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Monitoring and Evaluation

d) Cost implications

  1. There are no cost implications of this contract to the Department
  2. SASSA appointed Cut to Black Media at a total cost of R19 983 345,30 (including VAT).