Question NW2496 to the Minister of Transport

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14 July 2015 - NW2496

Profile picture: Masango, Mr SJ

Masango, Mr SJ to ask the Minister of Transport

With reference to the Learner Transport Policy that was tabled in and approved by Cabinet, (a) on what date was the policy approved, (b) what criteria were used to approve the specified policy and (c) in each case, what (i) detailed plans, (ii) timelines, (iii) milestones and (iv) budgets were approved to implement the specified policy in each province?


  1. The Policy was approved by Cabinet on the 27 May 2015
  2. The policy provides a framework in support of other public transport legislation through which learner transport must be provided
  3. (i) (ii) (iii) Detailed implementation plans with timelines, milestones are developed by the provinces.(iv) budgets for implementation are allocated by provinces

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