Question NW1540 to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation

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14 June 2021 - NW1540

Profile picture: Moteka, Mr PG

Moteka, Mr PG to ask the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation

What (a) has she found to be the reason that De Hoop Dam in Limpopo is unable to provide the communities around it with water, as was initially planned, (b) faults were made in the construction of the specified dam and (c) steps have been taken by her department to correct those faults, and hold the persons responsible to account?


(a) The construction of the De Hoop Dam, Phase 2A, is complete and the dam is currently operational. With regard to Phase 2C, a steel pipeline from the De Hoop Dam to Steelpoort was completed and is also operational. The dam currently delivers raw water to Sekhukhune District Municipality through the water treatment plant at Ga-Malekana (Steel Bridge) and Steelpoort. It is the responsibility of the local authority to treat the water and arrange for its reticulation to communities.

Notwithstanding, it is critical to complete the remaining phases for the dam to be utilised optimally. The remaining phases and status are indicated below:

  • Phase 2B – Pipeline Flag Boshielo Dam to Mokopane, design complete, construction to commence once funding is available.
  • Phase 2D – New pipeline from Steelpoort to Mooihoek and Balancing Dam, pipeline design has been completed and final work packages for tender purposes was submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and are under review. The project is ready to commence with the construction stage pending confirmation of funding required for the entire project. In addition, delays in the finalisation of the acquisition of land may adversely impact the progress with the construction programme due to the required relocations/ resettlements.
  • Phase 2E – 10 km gravity pipeline from Mooihoek to Havercroft Junction, tender design stage. This phase is currently on hold due to no funding being allocated.
  • Phase 2F – 46 km gravity pipeline from Havercroft Junction to the existing Olifantspoort WTW, tender design stage. This phase is currently on hold due to no funding being allocated.

(c) The design and construction of the De Hoop Dam meets the requirements in terms of Chapter 12 of the National Water Act 36,1998 (Act No. 36 of 1998). The dam was developed under the auspices of an Approved Professional Person.

(d) Delays in completing the project cannot be attributed to specific officials, therefore, no officials of the department are being held to account in this regard.

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