Question NW1083 to the Minister of Health

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04 June 2021 - NW1083

Profile picture: Wilson, Ms ER

Wilson, Ms ER to ask the Minister of Health

(1)What are the reasons that 72 interns with 20 years of laboratory experience were (a) put on a forensic toxicology training programme under a certain person (name furnished) in Pretoria with a certain person (name also furnished) for a year in 2012 and (b) accommodated in a hotel for a year despite many of them coming from Pretoria; (2) (a) what number of days in a week did the interns attend lectures at the hotel and (b) at what time did the lectures take place; (3) what (a) is the name of the hotel where the interns were accommodated and (b) was the total cost of the accommodation for the interns, including meals, refreshments, phones and other relevant details; (4) where were the interns placed after they completed the training presented by the specified person?


The National Department of Health is still awaiting information from the University of Pretoria, to enable the Minister to respond to this question. The response will be provided to Parliament as soon as information has been received from the University of Pretoria.


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