Question NW1054 to the Minister of Health

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04 June 2021 - NW1054

Profile picture: Ismail, Ms H

Ismail, Ms H to ask the Minister of Health

What are the relevant details of (a) how the Government’s procurement of COVID-19 vaccines is funded and (b) the detailed breakdown of the funding provided by (i) the Government, (ii) medical aids and (iii) any other person and/or entity?


a) Government procurement of vaccines is supported by the allocation of funds from National Treasury to the National Department of Health as earmarked funds.

b) (i) As sole procurer of vaccines from manufacturers, all the vaccines are purchased by the National Department of Health

(ii)-(iii) The vaccines are supplied to vaccination sites in the private and public sector who administer vaccines. Private sector sites buy the vaccine from the NDOH and will claim from medical schemes for the vaccine and administration of vaccines to the insured patients. For uninsured patients, the vaccination sites will claim from the Department


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