Question NW1454 to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

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03 June 2021 - NW1454

Profile picture: Steyn, Ms A

Steyn, Ms A to ask the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

Whether the Putfontein land claim in North West was settled; if not, why not; if so, on what date; (2) whether the Putfontein land claimants have a functioning community property association (CPA); if not, why not; if so, who are the current elected leadership of the CPA; (3) whether development grant funding was paid out in the Putfontein claim; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, (a) what amount and (b) how was it spent?


1. Yes. Section 42D was settled on the 12th of December 1999.

2. Yes. The CPA was regularized on the 30th of November 2019 and the following members of the Executive Committee of the Communal Property Association were elected:

  1. Chairperson- Gobusamang Shole
  2. Deputy Chairperson-Mothusiemang Moromane
  3. Secretary- Sello Tatai
  4. Deputy Secretary – Ntesang Makgeledisa
  5. Treasurer – Salome Motsumi
  6. Additional Members
  • Desmond Manyapelo
  • Asuf Mosenogi
  • Gaopalelwe Tsatsimpe
  • Mathews Mongale
  • Oupakie Legwase
  • Baby Makgeledise

3. Development grants to the value of R5 506 050.00 was approved; an amount of R57,336.00 was spent for the appointment of a Service Provider for capacity building for Putfontein CPA in 2005. The outstanding balance is R5 448 714,00.


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