Question NW1453 to the Minister of Tourism

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31 May 2021 - NW1453

Profile picture: Winkler, Ms HS

Winkler, Ms HS to ask the Minister of Tourism

What measures and plans does her department, on its own and/or in collaboration with the SA Police Service, intend to put in place to address policing and/or safety and security concerns in light of the negative impact crime has on attracting local and international tourism?


The department has introduced a programme called the Tourism Monitors programme. This programme forms part of the Proactive theme of the now finalised National Tourism Safety Strategy. The programme entails the recruitment, training and deployment of young people at key tourist attractions and sites. Some of the key functions of these Tourism Monitors is to;

  • Enhance tourism safety awareness at key tourism attractions/sites;
  • Raise awareness and reduce crime incidents that are directed at tourists who are visiting provinces and the communities that host them.
  • Reduce tourist vulnerabilities and eliminate opportunities for violent crime aimed at tourist operations.
  • Integrate current tourism safety and awareness initiatives into a strategies implemented by the public and private sectors, as well as communities.

Upon recruitment, these young people are vetted through the assistance of SAPS and part of the plan is to also link them with the various Community Policing Forums (CPF) and Provincial SAPS Command centres. SAPS has through the MoU signed with the department also informed their various provincial command centres to work closely with the Tourism Monitors.

Over and above the Tourism Monitors programme, the department also participates at the various safety awareness sessions that SAPS schedules, especially during the festive season and around other major national peak holiday periods like the Easter weekends. The department distributes tourism safety leaflets during such occasions.

As part of the signed MoU between the department and SAPS, a call for police reservists is done especially during the December holiday period, where the Police reservists are deployed in some of the key routes and sites used by tourists.

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