Question NW1045 to the Minister of Tourism

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19 May 2021 - NW1045

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Tourism

With reference to the finalisation of the document on the repositioning of the Travel Indaba, what (a) are the next immediate steps of the specified process, (b) are the (i) timelines, (ii) time frames and (iii) deadlines in this regard, (c) are the changes in the form and content of (i) Africa’s Travel Indaba, (ii) Meetings Africa and (iii) the Welcome Campaign and (d) are the contents of the Partnership Strategy that has been developed?


a) What are the next immediate steps of the specified process.

SA Tourism conducted a study to determine the readiness of trade (supply side) to participate in future shows and buyers (demand side) to place business in the market (demand side).

Further studies were conduced to determine the viability of a Hybrid model which comprises of virtual & physical format of the trade shows. The outcome indicates that tangible ROI from meeting engagements needs to be derived for exhibitors and buyers.

The team is currenly finalising the proposed approach and dates for both Africa’s Travel Indaba and Meetings Africa to be hosted in 2021.

b) What are the (i) timelines, (ii) time frames and (iii) deadlines in this regard.

Given the current situation due to the global pandemic, physical participation, vaccine roll-out and travel restrictions, this is an ongoing evaluation to determine when the trade show can be hosted. No date has yet been established for the hosting of the show.

c) Changes in the form and content of:

(i) Africa’s Travel Indaba and (ii) Meetings Africa

The proposed approach is a Hybrid model which comprises the hosting of the platform in a combination of physical and virtual formats. Details will be communicated once finalized

(ii) The Welcome Programme

The Welcome Program seeks to inspire and educate South African tourism role players and ordinary South Africans to deliver exceptional visitor experience. This is done through authentic interactions and the delivery of great customer service.

As an extension of the Welcome Program is the “Make Someone’s Day” initiative, which is positioned to showcase and highlight the importance of trade in the tourism value chain. We create and sustain partnerships with the trade through information sharing, toolkit developments, training and fact sharing, including implementing key ports of entry activations.

d) Contents of the Partnership Policy that has been developed.

SA Tourism recognises the important role of strategic Partnerships in furthering the discharge of its legislative mandate by broadly leveraging opportunities, spend, reach and influence beyond traditional tourism source markets with a direct measurable correlation with tourism destination choice (destination brand strength), travel decision and transactions (arrivals) and in-market spend (GDP contribution).

The aim of this Policy is accordingly to regulate the participation of SA Tourism in any Partnerships by providing clear governing principles relating thereto in order to ensure that such Partnerships further entity’s legislative mandate, are aligned to its strategic objectives, add value and are conducted in a consistent and fair manner. The Partnership Policy focuses on five categories:

  • National Imperative Marketing Partnerships
  • Tourism Targets and Brand Strength Driver Partnerships
  • Market Development Driver Partnership
  • Bid Support Partnerships
  • Trade Partnerships

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