Question NW388 to the Minister of Police

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12 March 2021 - NW388

Profile picture: Majozi, Ms Z

Majozi, Ms Z to ask the Minister of Police

(1) In light of the fact that the SA Police Service (SAPS) in Gauteng has come forward and reaffirmed its commitment to decisively deal with taxi violence and find SAPS members who are involved in illegally providing taxi operators and and hitmen with firearms (details furnished), what measures has the SAPS in Gauteng put in place to curb corruption and discourage it all together; (2) whether he will furnish Ms. Z Majoizi with figures that will give a clear and contextual image of the progress made in his regard; if no, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


The performance of remunerative work by employees of the South African Police Service (SAPS) is regulated by National Instruction 4 of 2012, which prohibits the performance of any remunerative work in the taxi industry.

Paragraph 3 of National Instruction 4 of 2012, Performance of Remunerative Work, lists the prohibitions on the granting of approval to an employee, to perform certain types of remunerative work or to perform certain a4iv•rties for gain. The tax‹ industry is listed in paragraph 3(a), which reads: Approval may not be granted to an employee to perform any remunerative work •f such work or activity is in any manner connected to the taxi industry. This includes, but is not limled to, the operation of a taxi service by the employee, himsel or herseP or by employing another person, or the performance of remunerative work for a taxi association, group of taxi owners or operator or for a single taxi owner or operator.

Any information, relating to the involvement of SAPS membem in the taxi industry. is followed up immediately by the Provincial Investigation Team.

de following measures are in place, with ægafd to the management of SAPs fileams:

O III SAPS fireams are accounted for, on a regular basis, by means of physical inspections.

o All SAPS fifBarITIS aæ dot paen marked and tested, in tems of the lntegrated BalliStiCS Identification System (IBIS) and record is kept for comparison with exhibits, recovered at crime scènes.

In order tg corruption, the following measures have been implemented:

  • All the SAPS personnel, who are attached to the Taxi Violence Investigation Unit, are vetted and lifestyle audits are conducted on a regular basis.
  • Corruption cases are investigated by the Anti-Corruption Unit.
  • Allegations of corruption are investigated departmentally, independently from the criminal case.
  • Employees face dismissal if found guilty on corruption charges.
  • Employees are sensitised about the consequence of committing serious misconduct.

» Roll out of the National Instruction on ethics and integrity management.

  • Trainees are subjected to integrity management to eliminate the potential risk of corruption.

The following SAPS members were convicted and dismissed for their involvement in taxi violence:

Station and Cæe Number


Name of SAPS Member






CAS 289/11/2015

Murder x 2 and

attempted murder

Thulani Wiseman



Guilty- 2 x life imprisonment

Pretoria Central
CAS 1541/09/2013

Lungisani Arnold Mgaga


Guilty- life imprisonment


CAS 579/10/2018


Sibusiso Shongwe


Guilty- life imprisonment