Question NW305 to the Minister of Police

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12 March 2021 - NW305

Profile picture: Terblanche, Mr OS

Terblanche, Mr OS to ask the Minister of Police

Whether, with reference to the judicial decision on the SA Police Service’s (SAPS) procurement, his department will institute any consequence management against senior managers of the SAPS involved in the scathing judgment handed down by Judge Dennis Davis in the Pretoria High Court on 13 January 2021 related to the illegal procurement of items that will benefit the ruling party and not the citizens of the Republic; if not, why not, if so, what are the relevant details?


Internal investigations are continuing as they get finalised, the recommendations and direction will be given which path to follow, including the consequence management, if needs be.

Reply to question 305 approved

Date: 12/03/2021