Question NW966 to the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

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15 April 2021 - NW966

Profile picture: Mhlongo, Mr TW

Mhlongo, Mr TW to ask the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture

(1).Whether he will furnish Mr T W Mhlongo with a full list of all 1 300 recipients of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Programme of the National Arts Council relief funding; if not, why not; if so, on what date; (2). on what date will (a) payments be finalised for all those who have signed their contracts, (b) payments and contracts be finalised for all those still waiting for contracts, (c) payments, contracts and letters be finalised for all those who are still under review and (d) those who have been rejected be notified; (3) what are the reason that there was no proper consultation from the sector; (4) what are the relevant (a) details and (b) reasons for the protest by creatives, who waited for answers for the whole day at the National Arts Council offices?


(1). Yes, the list has been attached with the above details as requested.

(2). (a). The NAC has committed itself to resolve the process speedily.

(b). the entity has been hard at work to conclude the contracting process and paying the beneficiaries.

(c)(d). All applicants that have been approved are notified and no pending decision for the outstanding applicants except to send them decline letter which will be finalised soon.

(3). The NAC consulted with the sector as follows:

  • 23 February 2021, 5 March 2021, 12 March 2021, and on the 19 March 2021

4. (a)(b). The NAC Council took a decision to revise the guiding figures for stream and stream that saw the initial approved amount cut by over 56 per cent. Those that were affected by the decision challenged the decision that resulted in the sit in at the NAC.

The Department met with protesting artists and we are looking at various interventions to address the matter of the shortfall. We will make the necessary updates as we make progress on the matter.

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