Question NW975 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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08 April 2021 - NW975

Profile picture: Roos, Mr AC

Roos, Mr AC to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

(1)Whether the email to the address, which currently returns a response that the mailbox does not exist, is the correct email address for citizens to direct their requests to him; if not, what is the correct email address; if so, by what date is it envisaged that the problem with the email address will be fixed; (2) What is the target turnaround time for responses to email correspondence to the Minister of Home Affairs?


1. The email address was discontinued on 15 December 2020 and citizens are required to send their queries to The Home Affairs Contact Centre (HACC) email is on the landing page of the DHA website.

2. The target turnaround time to respond to queries sent to is 48 hours and the emails are currently managed by 10 officials.


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