Question NW817 to the Minister of Tourism

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31 March 2021 - NW817

Profile picture: De Freitas, Mr MS

De Freitas, Mr MS to ask the Minister of Tourism

With reference to her department and its communication with local stakeholders about relaxing travel restrictions, (a) what communication has been undertaken, (b) with whom has her department communicated, (c) what were the contents of such communication and (d) on what date did such communication take place in each case?


a) Communication undertaken related to implications of COVID19 outbreak, as well as clarification and awareness raising around the Ministerial directions issued in terms Disaster Management Act. The department’s engagements also focused on health protocols to give confidence to tourists and to ensure that the sector supports the country’s efforts to minimize the spread of COVID19 infection. Finally, the focus was also on recovery and long-term sustainability of the sector post the pandemic.

b) The communication was with the industry, media, other departments and organs of the state and the international community.

c) Please refer to (a) above for the contents

d) Communication started shortly before the first COVID19 case in South Africa and continues to date as the country implements the Risk Adjusted Strategy to maintain a balance between lives and livelihood in the management of the pandemic.

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