Question NW640 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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26 March 2021 - NW640

Profile picture: van der Merwe, Ms LL

van der Merwe, Ms LL to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

What is the current statistics in terms of the employment of foreign nationals in the (a) trucking, (b) restaurant, (c) private security, (d) agriculture, (e) mining, (f) transport, (g) e-hailing, (h) delivery, (i) hair and beauty and (j) domestic industries?


The Department of Employment and Labour maintains statistics of registered local and foreign nationals for the purposes of Unemployment Insurance Fund collection and payments, those who were recommended for individual or corporate work visas, Compensation Fund collection and payments and for monitoring transformation in the labour market through our Employment Equity Reports.

The Economic Sectors are broad and may not necessarily align with Honourable van der Merwe’s list as it also contains economic sub-sectors and or industries.

Our statistics may not provide a true picture of the total number of people employed in some of the economic sectors and sub-sectors as it is not possible to maintain statistics of those that are not registered especially undocumented foreign nationals.

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