Question NW869 to the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

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25 March 2021 - NW869

Profile picture: Gwarube, Ms S

Gwarube, Ms S to ask the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation

What is the breakdown of the R95 million allocated by the Government towards the development of COVID-19 (a) vaccines, (b) treatment and (c) therapeutics?


The Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) has committed an amount of ~R95 million for COVID-19 biomedical research and innovation activities covering in the following fields of research:

Research field

Amount disbursed

a) Prevention and vaccines

R7 684 831

b) Repurposing of Drugs for Treatment

R8 483 130

c) Convalescent sera

R4 571 244

d) Understanding the disease

R2 877 495

e) Diagnostics

R16 491 509

f) Genomic Surveillance

R36 338 830

g) Wastewater Surveillance

R345 989

h) Surveillance /Epidemiology

R2 128 665

i) 501Y.V2 variant

R7 636 395

Total amount committed /disbursed

R86 558 088

Amount still to be allocated

R8 441 912

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