Question NW315 to the Minister of Public Service and Administration

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25 March 2021 - NW315

Profile picture: Gondwe, Dr M

Gondwe, Dr M to ask the Minister of Public Service and Administration

(1)What is the average turnover rate for heads of departments and directors-general in government departments; (2) whether he has found that the turnover rate has had a negative impact on (a) service delivery in the Republic and (b) administration of the affected government departments; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what measures and/or mechanisms has his department put in place in order to address the negative impact of the turnover rate?


(1) The quarterly (October 2020 to December 2020) turnover rate is 5,7%.

(2)(a) Turnover does have an impact on the delivery of services however there when a Head of Department exits office, an official is appointed in an acting capacity for business continuity.

(b) The departmental impact is that there is a required transition period in which the acting official needs to be briefed on the deliverables of a department to manage the responsibilities whilst in an acting capacity.

Regarding mechanisms, research has been undertaken on the turnover of Heads of Department and includes recommendations on their retention. The recommendations are to be presented to Cabinet once finalised.


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