Question NW262 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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19 March 2021 - NW262

Profile picture: Komane, Ms RN

Komane, Ms RN to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

What (a) total number of cases of gender mislabeling mistakes has his department made over the past five years, (b) number of the specified cases have been resolved and (c) is the normal turnaround time for resolving the cases?


(a&b) The Department does not promote gender mislabelling mistakes hence there is no discriminatory practice by the Department on the basis of colour, race, religion or gender. Our officials have been duly trained to be humane, caring and responsive in delivering quality services to the all the applicants in a fair-minded manner. The Department will investigate and resolve any case reported immediately upon receipt thereof, where required. Accordingly, the Department urges members of the public who may have thus been affected, should not hesitate to report such cases.

The Department cannot specify the gender mislabelling mistakes per se, however the response outlined per annum below is an indication of the total number of gender cases finalised which is inclusive of amendment and rectification applications over the past five years:

2016: 18155

2017: 18820

2018: 11301

2019: 11948

2020: 5255

(c) The normal turnaround time for resolving such cases is six (6) to eight (8) weeks.


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