Question NW169 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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19 March 2021 - NW169

Profile picture: Khanyile, Ms AT

Khanyile, Ms AT to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

With reference to the Performance Agreement that he signed with the President, Mr M C Ramaphosa, what (a) programmes have been put in place to date to tackle gender-based violence (GBV) in his department, (b) change interventions, such as men against GBV sessions, have been implemented within his department (c) is the total number of officials that have been vetted against the National Register For Sex Offenders?


a) Employee Wellness programmes dealing with Gender Based Violence and Femicide implemented.

(i) Counselling services for employees and their immediate families offered

(ii) Awareness campaigns conducted throughout the provinces.

b) Men’s forum established as an agent of change and capacity awareness programmes for men implemented on combating GBV and Femicide conducted throughout the Provinces issues including sexual harassment in the workplace.

c) Officials have been vetted within the Department but not against the National Register of Sex Offenders.


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