Question NW85 to the Minister of Home Affairs

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19 March 2021 - NW85

Profile picture: van der Merwe, Ms LL

van der Merwe, Ms LL to ask the Minister of Home Affairs

With regard to the vaccination programme of the Republic and the goal of vaccinating 60% of the population in order to achieve herd immunity against COVID-19 and considering that the Minister of Health has identified undocumented migrants as posing a risk towards achieving the specified goal, how does he plan to go about (a) identifying and (b) documenting all undocumented migrants in line with the mandate of his department?


(a–b) Primary function to vaccinate is that of the Department of Health. However, the DHA’s Inspectorate Unit is provided for within the Immigration Act 2002, has the mandate to conduct investigations and enforcement operations that will assist with the identification of persons who are undocumented or have an illegal status in the Republic. Such persons may be detained and dealt with under Departmental Regulations.


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