Question NW253 to the Minister of Transport

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17 March 2021 - NW253

Profile picture: Sonti, Ms NP

Sonti, Ms NP to ask the Minister of Transport

What has he found to have been the impact of the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions on public transport;


(1) Since the move to alert level 3 public transport operators operating shorter trips were allowed to carry 100% of the loading capacity of their vehicles whereas for longer trips the permissible loading capacity remained at 70%. These relaxations were coupled with other mitigating factors such as the mandatory wearing of masks and allowing for ventilation. To this end there has been no indication that public transport has been the main contributor in the spread of the virus. This, therefore, implies that measures put in place when the carrying capacity restrictions were relaxed yielded positive results.

(2) The fact that public transport has thus far not been detected as the main contributor to the spread of the virus, is to a large extent proof that operators are generally complying with specified regulations.


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