Question NW476 to the President of the Republic

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16 March 2021 - NW476

Profile picture: Hill-Lewis, Mr GG

Hill-Lewis, Mr GG to ask the President of the Republic

With reference to his reply to question 2256 on 5 Jan 2021, (a) who are the private individuals he refers to, (b) how did they, as private individuals, come to know about the SA National Defence Force charter and (c) is a similar service available to all private South Africans who wish to make donations-in-kind to recipients abroad, so long as there is space on the aircraft?


I have been informed by the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans that the donation of personal protective equipment to Cuba was coordinated by the former South African Ambassador to Cuba, Amb Phatse Justice Piitso.

It was through his interactions with the Cuban Mission in South Africa that the former Ambassador got to know about the flight organised by the SANDF to collect its members and to carry personal supplies to SANDF members and South African medical students training and studying in Cuba. The arrangement was between the Embassy of Cuba and the donor.

This arrangement was made under the exceptional circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, which included limitations on commercial air travel.

This service would not be available to private organisations and individuals under normal circumstances.

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