Question NW369 to the Minister of Health

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11 March 2021 - NW369

Profile picture: Ismail, Ms H

Ismail, Ms H to ask the Minister of Health

In light of the fact that viruses mutate frequently and that chances of any vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely, (a) what assurances can he give that the COVID-19 vaccines will work and (b) for what period will the vaccines work?


a) Vaccines are approved for use after clinical trials are successful and the data is assessed by regulators. Regulators must consider claims of the efficacy of the vaccine as part of the market authorization. SAHPRA will perform this function in South Africa hence all vaccines we procure will be efficacious.

b) The regulator and research will conduct regular assessment of the vaccine against new and emerging variants. The timelines for the effectiveness of the vaccine is dependent on various factors including the type of variants that emerge and the rate of these mutations.


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