Question NW324 to the Minister of Tourism

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08 March 2021 - NW324

Profile picture: Winkler, Ms HS

Winkler, Ms HS to ask the Minister of Tourism

What is the climate change adaptation and resilience strategy of her department given the imminent impact of climate change on local tourism; (2) whether her department has met with key role players and experts on the impact of climate change on tourism to mitigate the worst impact it is likely to have on tourism; if not, (a) on what date will a meeting be convened and (b) who will extend an invitation to attend the meeting; if so, (i) on what date was the meeting convened, (ii) who were in attendance and (iii) what was the agenda of the meeting; (3) whether a strategy and/or plan was adopted going forward; if not, why not; if so, on what date will a follow-up meeting be convened


1. The Department of Tourism developed the National Tourism and Climate Change Response Programme focusing on adaptation and mitigation in the sector. The department further conducted a climate change risk and vulnerability assessment of 27 tourism sites across the country, culminating into a three year tourism adaptation implementation plan 2019/20 financial year. As part of its implementation plan, the department is developing a climate change communication plan.

2. (a)-(b)

(i) The department has had a number of engagements with key role players and experts in climate change, some of whom were members of the Task Team that drove the development of the National Tourism and Climate Change Response Programme. Going forward, climate change related work will be an integral part of the Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP) which is being develop in the current financial year. Engagement on these matters are taking place on a regualr basis.

(i) The department is not in a position to provide this information as it constitutes third party’s personal information.

(ii) Discussions pertain to climate change adaptation and mitigation matters with the tourism context.

3. As indicated in (1) above. A three year implementation plan on tourism and adaptation was developed and is currently being implemented and meetings are regularly convened with regard to the Environmental Implementation Plan (EIP) development.


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