Question NW111 to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation

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05 March 2021 - NW111

Profile picture: Powell, Ms EL

Powell, Ms EL to ask the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation

How much (a) State-owned land and (b) land identified for land reform will be transferred to (i) the National Department of Human Settlements and (ii) the Provincial Departments of Human Settlements for the provision of serviced sites for human settlement developments?


(a) State-owned land in the extent of 14 018 hectares held nationally by the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure has been identified and approved by Cabinet for release in order to advance the development of human settlements.

(b) The identified land parcels will be released by way of Power of Attorney in favour of the Housing Development Agency (HDA) to enable immediate joint development planning in conjunction with the various Provincial Human Settlements Departments and the respective municipalities. The identified land also addresses urban land reform through human settlements development.

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