Question NW272 to the Minister of Basic Education to ask the Minister of Basic Education

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01 March 2021 - NW272

Profile picture: Mkhonto, Ms C N

Mkhonto, Ms C N to ask the Minister of Basic Education to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)       In view of the severe damage to infrastructure (details furnished) caused by the tropical storm Eloise in some parts of the Republic over the past three weeks, what contingency plan does her department have in place to ensure that all schools have water available at all times; (2) whether her department has a database of schools where learners might not be able to get to schools on time due to the damaged infrastructure; if not, why not; if so, how will the learners be accommodated in order to ensure that they are not left behind with lessons?


1. Provinces have provided schools with rainwater harvesting tanks and schools replenish the water in the tanks through their school allocations. In cases where schools are unable, agreements have been entered into with municipalities for the replenishment of water at affetcted schools.

2. The Department has received reports from provinces which indicate the number of schools affected by storm damages.  Only in 6 schools, where learners are not able to utilize the classrooms, due to the extent of the damages.  In four of the schools, learners and educators are accommodated in adjacent schools, while repairs are in progress; and in two of the schools, mobile classrooms have been provided.

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