Question NW136 to the Minister of Employment and Labour

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24 February 2021 - NW136

Profile picture: Bagraim, Mr M

Bagraim, Mr M to ask the Minister of Employment and Labour

Whether, with reference to the Performance Agreement he signed with the President, Mr M C Ramaphosa, (details furnished), he will provide progress updates regarding meeting the specified targets pertaining to the 2019-20 financial year of the different management areas listed under Key Responsibility Area 3; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


The Performance Agreement signed between the Minister and the President outlines the work that the Minister, supported by the Deputy Minister, the Department of Employment and Labour and all its entities must achieve. The Minister is expected to work with other Ministers on the various Cabinet Clusters to achieve the outlined priorities. Whether the Minister is delivering or not, will be assessed by the President during the Performance Evaluation process.

The Department of Employment and Labour and all its entities, do report to Parliament, through Parliamentary committees such as Select Committee and Portfolio Committee on Employment and Labour,

that Honourable Bagraim is a member of, on the Quarterly progress on the implementation of priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans that were used as a basis for allocating the Budget to the Department.

The Department and all its entities also table Annual Reports that are audited by the Auditor General on its Performance information and how the budget was used.

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