Question NW122 to the Minister of Transport

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16 February 2021 - NW122

Profile picture: Lees, Mr RA

Lees, Mr RA to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether the National Guidelines for Traffic Calming (details furnished) have been updated since it was last published in 1998; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


The 1998 version of the National Guidelines for Traffic Calming have not been updated since they were published.

The National Guidelines for Traffic Calming together with the supplementary documents on the ‘Design and Implementation of Speed Humps’ and the ‘Design Guidelines for Mini-roundabouts’ have however remained the de facto main national reference documents for traffic calming. Given the holistic approach described in the document, some local authorities had adopted the National Guidelines for Traffic Calming as formal municipal policy as a whole, without any amendment whereas other municipalities opted to develop their own policies and standards for traffic calming.

The National Road Safety Steering Committee (NRSSC) technical committees have updated National Guideline for Traffic Calming measures, including clearer designs for speed humps, as a priority. This updated guideline will be incorporated to Road Safety Authorities guideline manuals for implementation.

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