Question NW1855 to the Minister of Social Development

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06 January 2021 - NW1855

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Social Development

What are the reasons that early childhood development centres in Mafikeng in the North West have not been supplied with personal protective equipment?


According to available data from the North West Provincial Department of Social Development, 422 support packages (which includes PPEs) wee procured and distributed to 59 ECD centres in and around Mafikeng Service Point (see the attached list). In addition, the Provincial Department:

  • Advised ECD centres to conduct self- assessment in line with the published directions. The Department also provided support to ECDs which experienced challenges in conducting electronic self- assessments by means of providing them hard copies of the self- assessment documents.
  • Conducted verification of ECD centres and programmes to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.


1. Driehoek crèche

2. Kganya E.L.C

3. Wise Guys ECD

4. Mpha Lesedi E.L.C

5. Ramothibe E.L.C

6. Repholositswe E.L.C

7. Olorato E.L.C

8. Kebadiretse E.L.C

9. Reitshupile E.L.C

10. Lore E.L.C

11. Roma Kideo Day Care Centre

12. Tsibogang Learning Centre

13. Tsibogang M

14. Morwa E.L.C

15. Segai E.L.C

16. Makgabana E.L.C

17. Segoele E.L.C

18. Matsheke E.L.C

19. Maphoana E.L.C

20. Mothusi E.L.C

21. Kelesitse E.L.C

22.. Ntshalele le Ngwana E.L.C

23. Joyland

24. Tshipidi Day Care Centre

25. Gola Monnye E.L.C

26 Mmadinonyane E.L.C

27. Tiroyabone E.L.C

28. Tlhabo Ya Letsatsi Pre School

29 Reatlamela Day Care

30. Tsetse E.L.C

31. Pepeletso E.L.C

32. Marang E.L.C

33. Mmangwana E.L.C

34. Lesedi La Podile E.L.C

35. Lonely Park E.L.C

36. Ramookeng E.L.C

37. Khulani E.L.C

38. Emmanuel E.L.C

39. Karabo & Rea

40. Ntutobolole Creche

41. Kgodisang E.L.C

42. Ngwana Sejo E.L.C

43. Moralo E.L.C

44. Ntataise E.L.C

45. Rotary E.L.C

46. Setumo Park Day Care Centre

47. Tshireletso Day Care Centre

48. Kopano Day Care Centre

49. Marang E.L.C

50. Lonika E.L.C

51. Letlanang E.L.C

52. Victorious E.L.C

53. Mmasehume E.L.C

54. Lerato La Motsadi E.L.C

55. Tsela Ya Botlhe Pre School

56. Mphela Bana E.L.C

57. Lomanyaneng E.L.C

58. Kago E.L.C

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